Oil Change & Service

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It picks up dirt, particles and other impurities and deposits them in the oil filter to keep your engine clean. Routine oil changes keep all the moving parts moving, and cut down on friction to cool the motor so your vehicle keeps running longer. Check your owner’s manual to find out when your vehicle needs an oil change. And don’t forget to change your oil regularly.



The only thing better than a car that goes is a car that stops. Routine inspections keep your vehicle stopping safer, longer. How often you have to change your brakes depends on a lot of things: driving conditions, rotor thickness, quality of brake pads, and more. A routine brake inspection with every other oil change makes certain that your braking system is safe. If you wait too long between services, you might have to get your brake rotors machined or even replaced, which gets expensive. So stop in for routine brake check-ups before you can’t stop anymore.


Steering & Suspension


Your car’s suspension system is part of the chassis, which is comprised of all the parts on the underbelly of your vehicle (shocks, struts, coil & leaf springs, and more). Routine inspections help to maintain these important suspension parts so that you can enjoy a smoother ride and avoid costly repairs down the road. Wheel alignments, for example, help your tires last longer, saving you from purchasing a new set too often.


Catalytic Converters & Exhaust

Catalytic converters use a combination of heat and specialty metals to convert carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapor and carbon dioxide, which are commonly found in our atmosphere. The rest of your exhaust system — resonators, mufflers, exhaust manifolds and pipes — help quiet and cool the engine. Every piece of an exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle and the environment.




Keep your cool with regular A/C maintenance. Car A/C systems have been around since the 1930s, removing the humidity and cooling the interior of your car using three main parts: the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. With your windows up and A/C on, you can increase your highway fuel efficiency by at least 20 percent, which saves you time & money.



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